Thursday, April 20, 2023

Promtek Bowled Over by New Business Development Manager

Vishal Pansare is flying high at Promtek and works as a Business Development Manager. He assists customers with queries or demos on Condor, Storaweigh and Microman. He knows business solutions having worked at Logicon Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd, his family’s business, and this experience, ten years’ worth, has allowed him to take to the role like a duck to water.

He is also studying for an MSc (Business Analytics) at the University of Exeter, so he has his hands full with all that he has going on in his life - and he wouldn’t want it any other way! We caught up with the sparky technology and cricket fan to talk about all things Promtek.


Photo of Vishal and Charles outside Promtek HQ

Why did you choose a career in Industrial Automation?

I was fascinated by technology and how it grew in the 1990’s. And my dad worked in engineering and he became my inspiration, I was always mesmerised by him. He was the son of a farmer, you see, and he wasn’t expected to go into another industry. Plus, I loved computer games and always wanted to explore around a computer operating system.

How’s the masters going?

It’s my second masters, so I almost know what to expect! I did my first about 10 years ago in the United States but I don’t like to compare. I was working and I wanted to try something different because, honestly, I was bored. [Laughs] I’m studying marketing analytics, statistical analysis but my absolute favourite is sustainable business. I think zero carbon tech is really interesting and aligns perfectly with what we do at Promtek too.

How’s the work/life/study balance?

There’s a lot of juggling! Or plate spinning perhaps. I have to plan things, my time, my timetable but I’m passionate about Promtek, so it doesn’t feel like work.

Why Promtek?

I met Charles (Williams M.D) in India and we had a 15-minute chat. He said if I was ever in the UK to look him up. It was actually Charles who ended up contacting me, which was great. Since starting at Promtek, I like that the team are quick decision makers, and I like being in a democratic business where your opinion is heard and freedom is provided to test your ideas and strategies. If I need help everyone is only a phone call or text away, and they usually get back in less than two hours.

Biggest achievement?

Creating presentations for customers to hopefully influence their buying decisions. Promtek are really open to ideas, so if I have one and they like it, they expect me to execute it.

What’s your best sales tip?

I’m an analytical guy – so it’s research, research, research. I try to find out what motivates a customer to consider our solutions. And, of course, being friendly!

What are your hobbies/interests?

I like to watch cricket on the TV and I want to play to stay active and also try out the English conditions. I’m also a Board member of the England Section of the International Society of Automation (ISA), and I enjoy doing some marketing for them. I like to keep an eye on the next generation of talent coming through too.

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