Mastering Machine Maintenance

Automate the maintenance in your factory

We've teamed up with PEMAC to provide you with the closest thing to a Magic 8-Ball for your machinery as we can. The software helps to predict when your machines are in need of a service and can even help with ordering parts in a just-in-time fashion so you're not wasting money or storage space.



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We've made it easy for you to figure out which stage your factory is at and you'll learn how to level up and keep your machines happy. Happy machines will remember who was nice when AI takes over the world. We hope.

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Why Promtek Integrates with PEMAC

Many hands make light work in this industry

The Promtek and PEMAC systems can be linked which allows customers to save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations. Here are some other benefits of our integration:

Manage work orders

Track work orders from request to closure and capture asset key metrics (downtime, MTTR, defect analysis) to ensure assets are working to optimum levels and standards.

Lower cost repairs

Unplanned maintenance typically costs 3-5 times more than planned maintenance. Regularly maintained assets are less prone to failure and consequently significant reductions in repair costs can be achieved.

Leaner stock control

Records stock levels and locations across multiple sites and delivers significant savings in the form of appropriately maintained stock levels. Linking usage and identifying universal spares over time.

Leaner maintenance

Are you over-maintaining some assets? The intelligent reporting analyses the data collected, identifying over maintained assets and calculating the potential saving from changing the maintenance interval.

Improved workforce utilisation

Preventative maintenance results in fewer breakdowns and allows for the effective management of maintenance team workloads. This means a more efficient and effective deployment of your human resources.

Paperless tracking

Paperless maintenance not only reduces the administration cost of implementing a Paper based approval system, it reduces the risk of loss and also improves the quality of data captured and recorded.

Reduce downtime

The maintenance software provides you with the relevant tools to put in place a maintenance strategy that decreases downtime and results in direct cost savings.

Ensures compliance

Maintenance managers can efficiently and effectively demonstrate regulatory compliance and reduce the amount of time and preparation for an audit.


Here are a few words from PEMAC's clients

"We at Siemens chose PEMAC Care as it promotes excellence in workplace safety and enables us to effectively manage “Permits to Work” and “Contractor Management”... This in turn greatly adds to the overall efficiency of our operations and ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements."

Head of EHS
Siemens Service Fossils

"PEMAC gives us greater visibility and traceability across multiple sites... PEMAC helps us manage all stock and track costs associated with spare parts, allowing us to measure the cost of maintaining each specific piece of equipment."

Engineering Manager

"We have used PEMAC for over 20 years and they have been a key driver of our TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) initiative."

Technical Services Manager
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